Civic Projects

For the last 100 years, NGC’s emphasis and interest have always included civic involvement. Whether we ourselves are learning or teaching others about horticulture and conservation, creating floral design and landscape design, and understanding the importance of our urban canopy of trees, our club finds ways to bring this knowledge to the areas of our community that will benefit and enjoy a beautification of their immediate environment.

Here is a short list of our projects:

Designing and maintaining a garden in Memorial Park on Bellevue Avenue

Planting a garden at the Newport Public Library

Restoring a colonial garden at the Colonial Dames’ property known as Whitehall

Funding new trees on our Broadway in partnership with the Newport Tree Society

Replanting the garden at the Norman Bird Sanctuary

Chairing, committee leading, volunteering at as well as entering floral, botanical, and horticultural treasures to the Newport Preservation Society’s Flower Show over the last 20 years.

Our current project is the Reading Garden at the Newport Public Library. This project will be our gift to the City of Newport as part of our Centennial Celebration. More information on this project can be found in the section Reading Garden Project.

Top: Planting trees at Whitehall

Below:  Margot Grosvenor and Fun Jenkins, our long-standing dedicated volunteers at the Whitehall colonial garden